New ads by Senate candidates Begich and Sullivan

Sen. Mark Begich’s campaign released an ad on Sunday highlighting his record for things that he’s done for the state, and repeating allegations from other ads, one of which has been resoundingly discredited and the other of which is suspect:

GOP challenger Dan Sullivan’s campaign also released an ad, using their best weapons—Sullivan’s wife Julie Fate Sullivan and the Marine Corps–against residency charges that have been leveled against Sullivan. The charges must be doing some damage.

“As somebody whose family has been in Alaska for thousands of years, I have a message for Mark Begich: Alaskans respect military service.  We don’t attack it,” Julie, who is Athabaskan, says.

The charge that Begich is attacking Sullivan for his military service is kind of a stretch, though you can see how they get there, and how other members of the military who have had to leave the state to serve might take offense. Sullivan is a Marine reservist who’s been in and out of active duty since 1993. He moved to the state in 1997. However, he was absent for seven years since that time. He left Alaska in 2002 to work at the White House and the State Department before coming back to the state in 2009.  From 2004 to 2006, he was called into active duty. While he was out of state, he at various times claimed residency and non-residency on fishing licenses. Keep in mind that residency requirements can be confusing on those forms when you’re in and out of the state. Indeed, in 1990, Ted Stevens claimed that he was a non-resident on his fishing license, and then claimed residency for other years.

ted stevens fishing lisence

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8 thoughts on “New ads by Senate candidates Begich and Sullivan

  1. SMH

    Serving isn’t good enough for you, huh? I’m a vet with PTSD. I’m in a position to know that nothing’s changed. Begich can talk all he wants, but he’s buttoning his lip and exaggerating like all politicians do. I wonder why he won’t take a position on legalizing marijuana. If he really wants to help vets, he’ll stand up for us having access to something far better medically than the pills that the VA prescribes like candy to slowly get rid of us veterans and the costs we bring on the system. In conclusion, nothing has fundamentally changed. Begich is all talk while us vets stand here scratching our heads, wondering if we deserve to have healthcare we worked so hard to earn denied so callously. I take exception to “Sandra.” And I can’t share my name for fear of retaliation, and that is more real of a possibility than me casting my ballot for Begich.

  2. MaeMae

    Damn, girl. You a creep. A nameless creep. A mean, angry, bitter creep. Extreme creep. Creepy-crawly. Really Mae, you comment on everything and have absurd things to say. You are definitely the kind of person who I would think might try to bash a rock on someone’s head in their sleep. Go away from your computer and think about something unrelated to politics and get your head right.

  3. sethfromfbks

    It’s pretty easy these days to do research, Dan. You should read Mark’s website like I did.

    Here’s his actual record:

    Alaska Territorial Guard: In 2009, members of Alaska’s Territorial Guard received pension payments once again thanks to Begich’s efforts.

    Extended TRICARE for Military Dependents: Begich made sure military members’ children are taken care of until they are able to provide for themselves by allowing them to receive TRICARE services until they are 26 years old.

    Waived Telehealth Copays: Begich passed a proposal in 2012 that got rid of costly copays for veterans when they make telehealth and telemedicine visits.

    Historic Rural Care Access: Begich kept his promise to help veterans access care closer to home — now veterans in rural Alaska can visit Native health facilities.

    Secured access to Space-A for Guard Members: Begich fought so that National Guard and Guard reserve members — not just active-duty soldiers — have access to Space-A seats on military planes

  4. Mae

    Oh gawd, I knew it was coming… Julie speaks bout her native-ness.
    Spare me. Stab me. Ug.
    Well Julie, who runs with wolves, my family has been here for 10’s of thousands of years too and it ain’t your L48 Dan’s military record that is of issue or getting attacked. It is his record of anti Alaskan, anti Alaska Native Tribe issues/policies he supported and pushed while AG and DNR Commissioner.

    L48 Dan claims to be “always working for Alaskans”, but his actions speak louder than his words. The policies he pushed and/or wrote were crafted to silence all Alaskans.

    Just curious Julie, are you anti Alaska Native Tribes as well? Which is fine. However, expect I and others to give a huge eye roll and whisper “hypocrite” if your going to use said generational history in support of one who is anti Alaska Native Tribes.
    You can’t have it both ways.

    And seriously, the next time you shove some of YOUR generational history down my throat, try using some Athabaskan art in the background.
    Just sayin.

  5. DDG

    Begich’s deceit and lies is becoming legendary. I cannot support a man that has such little regard for the truth. He is a desperate politican. He’s the kind that will sell their soul. No thanks.

  6. Sandra

    I guess I am confused. What support has Sullivan given to the military aside from serving? Begich has been getting services to veterans and legislation moving as well. What exactly did Sullivan do as Attorney General or DNR Commissioner?

  7. Debra

    The Sullivan ad speaks legions about how I feel. Begich mouths support for the military where Sullivan ealks his talk. That’s the difference. Talk is cheap. Actions count. That’s why I intend to vote for a new senator.

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