New Sullivan commercial accuses Begich of ‘laaame’ snow machine tricks

GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s campaign released an ad featuring Soldotna snow machine racer Cory Davis, a four-time X-Games medalist. The commercial accuses Sen. Mark Begich of “lame” snow machine fakery in Begich’s own snow machine commercial that was shot in the Interior earlier in the campaign.

“I know something about snow machines. That’s why I had a good laugh, when I saw Mark Begich pretending to ride one,” Davis says in the ad. “Begich acts like Mr. Alaskan when he wants our vote, but the truth is, he votes with Obama and his D.C. friends, not Alaska. I’m tired of the phony politicians and Mark Begich’s lame tricks.”

It’s one of Sullivan’s best ads to date. At the very least, it’s kind of fun to watch. That might be why Begich told Politico that he thinks the ad should be “pulled,” because it’s not factual.

Here’s Begich to Politico on that earlier, snow machine experience:

One guy for example, wore an AR-15 around his shoulders because the area we were going to is where polar bears are, and he wanted to make sure we weren’t going to be attacked… To say that I wasn’t on that snow machine riding it? I rode it for a long time out there and in weather that was very cold that day to the point where I frostbit part of my ear… Look at the picture of me when I take my helmet off. That’s what we call ‘helmet hair,’ that’s when you’re riding a snow machine.


14 thoughts on “New Sullivan commercial accuses Begich of ‘laaame’ snow machine tricks

  1. Straitlaced Radical

    Ha! Headline should read: “Begich develops concern over accuracy and tone of campaign ads (unless produced by his own campaign)”

  2. Donnie in Fairbanks

    Begich is ridiculous on so many levels. What a cry baby. He’s nothing more than a little lying wimp.
    This is a great ad. Begich is imploding.

  3. Jon K

    One comment about an ad means Amanda will vote for Dan? If this is the standard then it looks like she should actually endorse Mark bc she has said more positive things to say about mark’s ads.

  4. slanty McSlanterson

    “It’s one of Sullivan’s best ads to date.”

    Hey Amanda. SInce you are a blogger, and not a reporter, why don’t you just come out and endorse Afghan Dan? When can we expect your endorsement to come?

  5. Sandra

    Really, how some manly man feels about Mark Begich riding a snow machine is newsworthy? It’s silly. All politicians do “stuff” this time of the year. Lisa Murkowski and Sarah Palin had to show themselves with guns. So what?

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