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4 thoughts on “#Snowmachinegate

  1. Garand Fellow

    Heck, he looked just as silly in the ad that showed him shooting sporting clays (misidentified in the ad as skeet), probably at Grouse Ridge. Mrs. Begich’s little boy Mark was holding the shotgun like it was a day-old salmon. Alaskans are not so easily fooled.

  2. Mae

    So L48 Dan gets down and deep with Alaskan issues and finds a snow machine yahoo to critique Begich’s riding skills?
    Seriously? LoL

    Methinks L48 Dan just wants to avoid discussing Alaskan issues.
    Come to think of it, L48 Dan is running pretty fast in one of those campaign ads. He must be running from Alaskans.

    Gotta give the guy credit for realizing Segways won’t work on the shores of Eklutna Lake.

  3. Not my real name

    An AR-15 shoots .223 ammunition. Not exactly what I’d call bear medicine.

    But I guess as long as we are pretending that Begich rides snow machines, we might as well pretend that an AR-15 is good bear defense.

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