North Slope mayors endorse Begich

U.S. Sen Mark Begich received a handful of endorsements in his bid for reelection from current and former North Slope mayors, including the following:

  • Charlotte Brower, North Slope Borough Mayor (Current)
  • Robert Harcharek, Mayor of Barrow (Current)
  • John Hopson Jr., Mayor of Wainwright (Current)
  • Eugene Brower, North Slope Borough Mayor (Former)
  • Edward Itta, North Slope Borough Mayor (Former)
  • Rep. Benjamin Nageak, North Slope Borough Mayor (Former)

Also recently, Begich received the endorsement from the board of directors of the Sealaska Corporation, which has 21,600 Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian shareholders throughout Alaska. The Arctic Slope Regional Corp’s board recently endorsed GOP Senate candidate Sullivan.

From a Begich campaign press release:

“Mark is honored to have the support of Alaska leaders on the North Slope who understand firsthand the impact and importance of Mark’s leadership in the Senate and his work to represent the interests of Alaska’s North Slope,” said Susanne Fleek-Green, Campaign Manager for Alaskans for Begich.

Begich has risen fast in the Senate leadership, securing key committee spots on the Senate Indian Affairs Committee and Senate Appropriations Committee that have helped him bring resources back to rural Alaska.

Begich’s accomplishments for Alaska’s North Slope include:

  • Supporting Resource Development – Begich successfully fought the Obama Administration to allowing drilling in the Arctic Ocean and the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska while respecting the needs and local communities and people.

  • Supporting Subsistence Whaling – Begich fought to protect Alaska Native whaling quotas at the International Whaling Commission.

  • Supporting the Voting Rights Act – Begich opposes the Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate preclearance under the Voting Rights Act and supports restoration  of the law’s authority.

  • Indian Health Service – Begich secured a permanent reauthorization of the Indian Health Service, the first reauthorization in over twenty years. He also secured historic full funding for IHS Contract Support Costs to Alaska Native tribal facilities this year.

  • Safe Families & Villages Act – Begich introduced the Safe Families & Villages Act to give Alaska tribes resources and local control to empower communities to manage domestic violence.

  • Rural Veterans – A successful Begich initiative allows veterans in rural Alaska to receive health care at tribal health facilities, saving veterans thousands of dollars   in travel costs and allowing them to get care close to home.

  • Alaska Territorial Guard – In 2009, Senator Begich successfully secured reinstatement of pension payments for members of the WWII-era Alaska Territorial Guard.

  • Postal Service Reform — Begich has fought back efforts to end Bypass Mail and pushed the U.S. Postal Service to reverse rate increases in rural Alaska, ensuring critical service to Alaskans and a lifeline for the rural Alaska economy.

  • Essential Air Service – 82% of Alaska communities are off the road system and Begich has protected vital transportation routes and services by protecting the Essential Air Service program.


4 thoughts on “North Slope mayors endorse Begich

  1. Duplicitous Dan

    I’m glad you mentioned Arctic Slope’s crooked endorsement. Done single handily and without listening to the people, much as I see how Dan would act. Beyond that the former big shot at the ASRC is the one who advised the political playing field was opening up and opportunist Dan could come put a new Carthartt jacket on and pretend to be an Alaskan so he could move back to a new cush home in the belt. This guy is a fraud and if the Rs are blind enough to vote for him we are getting six more years of Begich.

  2. alaskapi

    a rather gratuitously shallow and incorrect take on rural Alaska…
    While the bush has voted in state contests more towards Democratic tickets often times, it is by no means a done deal Dem- wise.
    And certainly wasn’t for all the years folks in the bush voted for Senator Stevens.
    Mr Begich did well in the rural parts of the state last time and has taken his chores towards rural Alaska, and Alaska Natives, quite seriously
    Ms Murkowski won in rural Alaska last go around as well – she does ok on rural issues , though I personally am more than a bit tired of her grandstanding on certain issues there.
    While the road-railbelt has an outsize effect on politics and elections in this state , it is a bit over the top to act like attending to the people and issues in the vast but sparsely populated majority of the state are a sign of desperation as mitch does here.
    Similarly the assumption that the bush votes D regularly, is D and the like. Oh , how I wish that were true! 🙂
    I recognize those of us off the road-railbelt rarely rise above the horizon for the folks on it, but please, we’re not all Ds (dang it) nor are the issues Alaska Natives and rural Alaska face unimportant .

  3. GZ

    Democrats in rural Alaska that usually vote Democratic, in an unexpected move, endorsed the Democrat who is running for the Senate. Wow. Bet this made the front page somewhere.

  4. mitch

    Appears rather desperate. The guy doesn’t have a primary. The polls showing that Sullivaan can beat Begich are obviously troubling him.

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