Tension escalates between Begich and Murkowski

Politico, a D.C. based publication, isn’t above overplaying narrative tension. However, a piece today about the increasing strain between Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich as Begich’s reelection campaign begins to heat up, appears to be understated, if anything, I’ve heard.

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To set up the story, Murkowski is quoted as saying that she wants a “Republican partner,” and that Begich, according to her “needs to run on his record — and not mine.”

Politico recounts a recent instance where she requested her name be removed from a Begich press release related to birth control. They voted together on it, but she said that Begich mischaracterized her vote.

She also pushed back on a Begich radio ad that cites their work together, and his claim that they vote together 80 percent of the time.

The cause? For one, Murkowski hasn’t forgotten that Begich stumped hard for Democratic Senate candidate Scott McAdams in 2010. Secondly, and more importantly, both she and Alaska have a lot to gain and a lot to lose in the upcoming race, which could decide which party controls the Senate.

If the Senate doesn’t flip, Murkowski loses her ranking status on Energy, but if it does flip she would be chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, a huge assignment for an energy state. Secondly, she’d run the powerful appropriations subcommittee, which has control over the Interior Department’s checkbook.

The final quote in the story likely won’t heal the rift. Begich says that the two voted together more than is normal for a delegation with members on the opposite side of the aisle. And he says that it’s not because he’s becoming more Republican, but that she is “coming closer and closer to my view on issues.”


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7 thoughts on “Tension escalates between Begich and Murkowski

  1. Mae

    I have huge mixed feelings for Lisa.

    I can say while in our state legislature, Lisa was prepared. She did her homework and learning before she voted.

    She is a woman and thinks for herself. That would be a problem for many of her male republican cohorts in congress.

  2. Phil

    AKMK must be seriously out of touch or a Begich partisan who drank the Kool+Aid. You cannot represent Alaskans and vote with Obama 97% of the time. I don’t care what you think of Lisa Murkowski; however, attacking her isn’t going to eliminate the stench around Begich.

  3. Dan Fagan


    Sen. Murkowski stood up to the Death Culture once. Once! And she felt the harsh criticism of the movement’s wrath. I think she now knows that once you support the Death Culture and then change your mind about it leaders of the movement are merciless. I would imagine you won’t have to worry about Ms. Murkowski betraying the Death Culture again.

    Dan Fagan

  4. akmk

    Sen. Murkowski is first and foremost a partisan Republican. She flip-flops on something as basic as women’s rights to basic health care. Sen. Begich is first and foremost an Alaskan. He works for Alaskans…for women, for families, for seniors, for veterans, for fisheries, for subsistence rights. Sen. Murkowski is pretty much there for the corporations.

  5. McKenzie

    Here we go again. More and more false statements and claims from Begich. A couple of weelks ago Don Young scolded Begich for taking credit for things he shoudnt have. Now finally, Lisa is getting tired of his behavior too. Begich has never gotten high points for his truthfullness.

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