Pro-Begich super-PAC ad focuses on privacy, includes Treadwell

Here’s the latest ad from the pro-Mark Begich super-PAC Put Alaska First. It’s the first television ad the PAC has released that includes Mead Treadwell. Take that for what you will. Polls have shown that Dan Sullivan is leading the primary-pack. But Put Alaska First is also polling, and it might see things that other pollsters aren’t. Anchorage-based Jim Lottsfeldt, who runs the PAC, declined comment on whether or not the PAC is going to air another ad before next Tuesday’s primary.


3 thoughts on “Pro-Begich super-PAC ad focuses on privacy, includes Treadwell

  1. Bingo

    (Rolls eyes)

    I have to wonder what’s next? If Dan wraps up the slot, will the next PAC ad show Dan shooting puppies? Clubbing baby seals?

    I for one am burned out on **all** of these negative ads. Ads based on fabrications or using such convoluted through processes as to be the same as a lie…

    It’s a wonder that anyone bothers to vote, the political water is so poisoned **by both sides**.

  2. I think Harry is Scarey Club

    Will Alaskans really let Harry Reid and Obama select the Republican nominee? I don’t think so.
    Alaskans will vote for Sullivan who will win against Begich in November.

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