Sabato’s final Senate map: 53 R–47 D

The Virginia-based political prognosticator Larry Sabato completed his final Senate race Crystal Ball predictions on Monday. He has Alaska, Colorado, Iowa and Arkansas moving from Democrat to Republican and Kansas and Georgia leaning Republican. All told, he’s predicting that the makeup of the Senate will include 47 Democrats and 53 Republicans. If that holds true, and particularly if Republicans take purple Iowa and Colorado, Democrats are going to have to do some soul searching about their message. (BTW, Sabato also has the governor’s race leaning toward Walker. And if that holds true, Alaska Republicans here certainly will have their own souls to search.) Here’s Sabato’s Senate map:

2014-11-03 Senate Map


2 thoughts on “Sabato’s final Senate map: 53 R–47 D

  1. joe blow

    “In a surprising turn of events, incumbent Senator Mark Begich was defeated rather easily by challenger Dan Sullivan. For months, most observers thought that the race was too close to call but … “

  2. AH HA

    Well folks, it’s 5:00pm Monday. If the next 27 hours go as it appears they will, the first law suits will be filed by 11:00 Wednesday.

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