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Comment of the day: Palin’s Walker-Mallott endorsement causes consternation at home

A reader’s comment, lightly edited, on the story about Sarah Palin endorsing the Walker-Mallott ticket:

Well, the mood is bad around the homestead this evening, Wife insists it’s time for her to move back to the East Coast. Claims that between having no real Democrat on the ticket for governor and now this thing with Palin endorsing the quasi Democrat, it’s the last straw. Says she misses the East Coast. Says back there the Democrats are ‘Liberals’ not ‘Progressives’ and that besides that they are loyal to the party.

For my part, I told her she should be happy… We been hitched near on 20 years, never missed an election and this’ll be the first time we voted the same ticket. (I’ll admit I’m a bit shocked as well.)


Sandy Parnell hits the airwaves in defense of her husband

Here’s an ad that began running state wide today featuring First Lady Sandy Parnell, coming to the defense of her husband on the National Guard scandal. I can’t say for sure that I’ve seen all the ads playing in the governor’s race, but this is the most effective one that I have seen. If anything will work to ensure Alaskans that the governor is taking this issue seriously, it’s more ads like this, talking directly to Alaskans, and more of Mrs. Parnell, who has kept herself out of the spotlight during her husband’s tenure. (I sat down recently with Mrs. Parnell. Expect a story on that soon.) Watch here:


Another must-read from the Anchorage Press about the National Guard scandal

David Holtouse from the Anchorage Press has another must read on the National Guard scandal. This piece, like the last, is culled from investigative reports that were leaked to the Press. It focuses on three National Guard recruiters and “sexual assaults and numerous cases of sexual harassment targeting fellow soldiers, new recruits, and civilian women, including high school JROTC cadets,” perpetrated by the three between 2007 to 2011. The investigation of the three began in mid-2012. According to the article, “leadership” requested the investigation. The reports on the activity of the three were submitted to the Guard in 2013. The three are no longer recruiters. And though the article says that they weren’t arrested or charged, it doesn’t say why. Nor does it say when they were let go, or how they were discharged, if they were.

In any event, the accounts of rape and sexual abuse are repulsive.

“These three recruiters were seemingly untouchable and attempts to report their misconduct were either ignored or resulted in negative repercussions for the recruiter reporting the misconduct,” the Press quotes the investigative report as saying.

Read the must-read story here.


Video: ‘Bill Walker went down to Juneau.’ The rest of the song.

Updated: The video is no longer available on YouTube, which removed it due to a copyright claim by the Charlie Daniels Band, or CDB, informally. 

For those of you who were disappointed that the last version was truncated, be disappointed no more. Here’s the rest of the song. As for me, I’m still waiting for the counter: Maybe a take-off of Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot?


Quote of the day: Register for the Alaska Women’s Summit now

The Women’s Summit is right around the corner, Oct. 16 and 17. From the description:

Join us for a two day summit focused on creating a better future for all Alaskan women. We’re calling on Alaska’s brightest women to come together to work on finding answers to the toughest questions facing Alaskan women and families. This year’s summit will be focused on building communities of change, self-advocacy and the glass ceiling, and how empowerment and mentorship are such vital tools in developing young women. Register Now >>>


Coffey scolds Treadwell for “falsely” representing his position on AO 37

Anchorage mayoral candidate Dan Coffey shot back at Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell on Wednesday in an email, printed below, over “falsely representing” Coffey’s views on repealing AO 37, the controversial labor law that will be on the ballot in Anchorage in November. In an interview with Nat Herz at the ADN, Treadwell said Coffey has “thrown his lot down with the repeal movement” and has therefore lost the conservative base. It was in response to a question about Treadwell’s own interest in running for mayor, and his own appeal to the conservative base.

Coffey, who has said in the past that he supported a compromise bill, does not support repealing the law, he said, and scolds Treadwell for not first asking him about his position before he spoke to the media. Here’s the email in full:

I read with some interest your comment in the Alaska Dispatch to the effect that I support the repeal of AO 37. Where you got that idea is beyond me. I called you this morning to talk about your statement, but as I draft this E mail at 3:00 in the afternoon, I have not heard back from you. Hence this E mail.

To be absolutely clear, I do NOT support the repeal of AO 37. Continue reading


A note about comments on this site

I apologize to those who have tried to comment recently and don’t see their comments on the site. The spam filter has been overactive. I checked that folder today and was surprised by all the comments that were in there. Some of them were really good too, particularly on the fisheries debate. It’s too bad, because I love reading the comments on this site.  Anyway, just wanted you all to know that I’m not trying to silence your voices–unless you write crude and crass things, and still sometimes if the comments are smart, or they make me laugh, I let those slide.


Republicans supporting gubernatorial candidate Walker

According to press release, here is a list of prominent Republicans who have committed to supporting gubernatorial “unity” ticket candidate Bill Walker:

  • Former First Lady Bella Hammond
  • Former First Lady Ermalee Hickel
  • Former Alaska State Senate President Clem Tillion
  • Former Alaska State Senate President Rick Halford
  • Former Alaska State Senator Arilss Sturgulewski
  • Former Alaska State Senator Linda Menard
  • Former Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Jim Whittaker
  • Former Anchorage Assemblyman Dan Kendall
  • Former Alaska Attorney General Charlie Cole
  • Former Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Harold Heinze
  • Former Providence Health & Services Chief Executive Officer Al Parrish
  • Former Wally Hickel Ketchikan Campaign Manager Ann Graham Radford
  • Former Alaska Republican Party Chair Debbie Brown

Quote of the day: ‘Alaska is going to be the next Florida by the end of the century’

From a New York Times piece on the best places to live in the next decades as climate change begins to take a greater toll:

“If you do not like it hot and do not want to be hit by a hurricane, the options of where to go are very limited,” said Camilo Mora, a geography professor at the University of Hawaii and lead author of a paper published in Nature last year predicting that unprecedented high temperatures will become the norm worldwide by 2047. “The best place really is Alaska,” he added. “Alaska is going to be the next Florida by the end of the century.”